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Extreme Jane Dillinger Facial Abuse Video

Jane Dillinger is a complete disaster train wreck. Her life was fucked up before it really even started. Daddy used to touch her. She's a cutter. She's emotionally damaged. She's absolutely perfect for us!!! Jane was awesome. I'd love to pick this whore's brain some more... so FA fans, please chime in to get her back. Anyway... let's talk about today. She was treated like absolute shit and loved it! She's so fucked up that she feels like she deserves to be treated that way. Thanks dad! You made our job that much easier! After having her throat destroyed, this pig had her asshole and vag worked over. Pauly and Bootleg worked both holes like two fighters working a heavy bag. Believe me when I tell you, this scene is awesome. Jane is such a good submissive whore. It's a shame no one will ever love her...

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